Male vs Female, which is better?

For years there’s been a preconceived notion that females are more desirable than males, but this simply isn’t true.  Personality type isn’t dependent on the gender of the puppy but rather their own unique personality traits.  People wonder about males being more aggressive or “marking their territory.”  In reality, males and females can both show dominance, and males may mark when not neutered.

Are cockapoos hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic dogs do not exist.  This is a term created by breeders to help families feel more at ease about buying a puppy that won’t cause allergic reactions.  Pet allergies are reactions to dander, saliva, or urine.  Dander, which is the most common, is attached to pet hair/fur which can be shed thus creating more opportunity to react.  There are dog breeds, cockapoos being one, that have little to no shedding which makes them more ideal for people who suffer from allergies.  If you or a family member suffer from pet allergies, we recommend consulting a doctor to find the exact cause.  Knowing what you react to will help determine whether a puppy is right for yourself or your family.

What coat type can I expect my cockapoo to have?

A cockapoo’s coat type can vary depending on genetics they have inherited from their parents.  Most F1 breeds will have a wavy coat, while F2 and older generations could range from straight to curly.  Most F1b cockapoos are a result of breeding an F1 back to a poodle which will result in a curlier poodle type coat.  No matter the amount of curl, plan on grooming your cockapoo regularly to keep them free from mats and their coat looking it’s best.

Do you dock tails or remove dew claws?

No.  While docking tails is the AKC standard for the poodle and cocker, cockapoos are not officially recognized by the AKC, meaning there is no standard for tail length.  We have also found most people like the tails.

With regards to dew claws, more research is coming out linking their removal with arthritis, so we leave them.

When can I pick my puppy?

We do puppy picks between 7-8 weeks of age.  This allows time for puppy evaluations so we can help families find a puppy that will suit their interests.  While some of a puppy’s personality can be determined by traits from their parents, these evaluations gather info into the type of dog they may grow up to be.  Remember it’s not a guarantee, puppies will grow and change a lot depending on things you do after taking them home, we just help develop a solid foundation.

How will I pick my puppy?

If you are local, or close enough to drive, you may visit and pick your puppy in person.  If you aren’t close enough to visit, we can video call so you can see the puppies and discuss the evaluations.

Do I have to continue kennel training?

We start kennel training and recommend all our families maintain this routine with their babies.  Even if you are home all day, there may be times when a kennel would be a safe place for your puppy.  Kennels also provide a place for your babies to have their own space if they need a break or want to rest.  It’s still your decision to make once you take your puppy home, so while we recommend it, the final decision is yours.

What is your adoption process?

We ask all potential puppy families to be informed about the responsibilities of dog ownership.  Once you are ready to make the commitment, please fill out our application. We require a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold a place on our waiting list or to hold a puppy for you, this is applied toward our adoption fee which is $2000.

Do you charge more based on color or gender?

No!  Our adoption fee is not based on color or gender but rather, the time and attention we are giving each of our babies.

Will you adopt a puppy to a breeder?

While we prefer our babies go to families looking for a family pet, we are not opposed to working with breeders.  Please contact us to see available options.

Any other questions?  Just ask!  

We are always here to answer your questions.