Our Guarantee

Double J Cockapoos Guarantee


Sales contract/Health Guarantee: No other Warranties or Guarantees, expressed or Implied, are made under this contract except as stated below. This is a replacement puppy guarantee only, no refunds of money paid will be given. Please sign, date and return this document through email, mail, or hand return in person. No puppy is considered reserved until purchase agreement is signed and returned to breeder along with a non-refundable deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit, a place on our waiting list or the puppy you choose will be held for you until puppies are ready for their new home. Seller accepts Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or Venmo. This guarantee applies to the original owner and can not be transferred to another party. ****Failure to pick up or arrange shipping/transport for your puppy by 12 weeks of age will result in forfeit of all money paid and any rights to above puppy or future puppy from this breeder.**** 

Deposits/Refunds: An initial deposit of $200 is required, which shall be non-refundable and is taken on a first come basis. This deposit signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase of a puppy. Failure of Buyer to complete this purchase would subject Seller to lost opportunities to find a suitable home, retention of the deposit or any other payments are meant to compensate Seller.

Payment Provisions: Payments made with Venmo can not be disputed for any type of payment reversal. All Money/payments placed on a puppy are NON-REFUNDABLE. Any Buyer who attempts to dispute a transaction will lose all money placed on their puppy and any rights to purchase a puppy from us now and in the future. If puppy is being picked up in person the balance of purchase price will be due at time of pickup, only cash will be accepted. A puppy being delivered by any type of transport service shall be paid in full before puppy will be released by transport service agent. Any Buyer who has not picked up by the time the puppy is 12 weeks of age will forfeit the puppy as well as any money paid. 

Health Guarantee: Breeder guarantees this puppy to be of sound health at the time of sale. Double J Cockapoos will provide a health record of all shots, worming, and a veterinarian exam. The Buyer agrees to take this puppy to a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 3 business days of acquiring puppy. Failure to have the puppy examined by a vet within three days of the puppy’s delivered/picked up date or Buyer’s failure to provide required immunizations and medical treatment will cause this health guarantee to be null and void. Dehydration, Diarrhea, Hypoglycemia, Coccidia, Kennel Cough, Internal and External Parasites, Giardia, Fungal Infections, Parvo, kidney problems or any condition that can be prevented/corrected by veterinarian treatment and any other preventable conditions are not covered. We provide a one (1) year health guarantee for life-threatening health issues (valid until the puppy’s FIRST birthday). Illnesses must be documented in writing by a licensed vet within 72 business hours. The breeder must be informed of the examination, that indicates that at the time of sale, the puppy was unfit for purchase due to life threatening illness, disease, or congenital defect with proper documentation by a licensed vet. If the puppy was in fact unfit for purchase Buyer may return the puppy for an exchange of equal value and the failure to do so within 72 hours will result in the cancellation of a replacement puppy. The seller will offer a replacement puppy of comparable value and no money will be refunded. This is subject to availability, breeder’s first choice for breeding program, then the buyer second. Conditions not considered life threatening and therefore not covered include but not limited to luxating patella, hernias of any kind, collapsed trachea, heart murmur, kidney issues, etc. If the condition can be treated, it is NOT considered life threatening. In the event of a life threatening condition the affected puppy must be returned with all veterinary documentation at the Buyer’s expense. The Buyer understands that a replacement puppy will only be given if it’s discovered to be a hereditary problem and not due to accident, illness, or lack of care by buyer. If the puppy should die from a suspected congenital defect within 12 months of its birth date, an autopsy must be performed at the purchaser’s expense by a veterinarian. If the autopsy shows a congenital defect as the reason for death, the seller will provide another puppy of equal value to the purchaser. A written statement from the licensed veterinarian must be provided with the Seller’s name, puppy’s information, and veterinarian’s name and contact information. The guarantee is void in the event of an indeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis. In the event no puppies available at the time, the buyer will be placed on a waiting list for the first suitable puppy of comparable value. The Buyer understands that any and all guarantees expire one year from the date of birth. If an autopsy is not performed this guarantee is no longer valid and the puppy will not be replaced. Buyer will be responsible for the transportation cost of the replacement puppy if any should be necessary. 

Limitation of Guarantee: We do not guarantee fur color, eye color, adult size, conformation, reproductive ability, testicles descending, retained teeth, personality, potty training ability, proper bite, coat quality, length, weight, hernias of any kind, physical flaws or temperament of the puppy. This guarantee does not cover common conditions and is limited only to genetic defects largely considered life threatening. The Breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred once the puppy is delivered, the Buyer assumes all responsibility for the puppy. Buyer understands that adult sizes are an estimate only; size, weight, and color are not guaranteed. This guarantee does not cover any veterinarian costs associated with spaying or neutering including undescended testes. We do not warrant against any condition caused by carelessness, negligence or abuse. Buyer should properly educate themselves on how to care for a puppy/adult dog before purchasing.

Buyer’s Responsibility: The Buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes keeping this puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with vaccines, proper nutrition, which consists of a good quality dog food, fresh water at all times and teeth cleanings as needed to ensure longevity of life. The Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the dog and never allow the dog to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision. Seller is not responsible or liable for payment of ANY medical, dental, or surgical procedures to maintain the animal’s health or well-being after the time of purchase. Vaccinations 

Limitations: Your puppy has not been fully vaccinated. The recommended vaccination protocol schedule as age appropriate (vaccines given at 6, 9, 12, & 15 weeks) must be continued in order to maintain the one (1) year guarantee outlined. The Buyer must have all immunizations done by a licensed veterinarian and provide proof of treatment to Seller upon request. The buyer understands that missing or delaying vaccines could have severe consequences for the health of the puppy and the breeder will not be held accountable. 

Legal Provisions: In the event of any litigation in connection with this contract, the Breeder will be paid reasonable attorney fees, court costs and all travel expenses, which resulted from the litigation via the responsibility of the Buyer. This Contract will be deemed a legally binding contract, and is under the jurisdiction of the state of Missouri, in the county of Newton. Buyer agrees that in the event of any legal action the Buyer must turn over the puppy to the breeder until all court proceedings are finalized. It is further agreed that, if for any reason, filing for court, the place of venue shall be Newton County, Missouri. The buyer will not discuss or make known any issues pertaining to the breeder or the puppy with regards to any health condition, contract agreement or personal disagreement between breeder and purchaser, to any other person or party. Slander and defamation will not be tolerated and could be dealt with in a court of law. Any and all changes to this contract must be agreed upon by Double J Cockapoos and the seller, must be put in writing, and signed into effect by breeder and buyer. 

Bill of Sale: The Buyer of a puppy from Double J Cockapoos hereby acknowledges that the Buyer has received a copy of this document, acknowledges and agrees to the terms and accepts full responsibility for the health and well-being of the purchased puppy. This is considered the complete “Bill of Sale”, and the Buyer accepts the terms of the contract. The agreement represents the total agreement between Double J Cockapoos and the Buyer, and no other terms or conditions shall be valid to this sale.